A great COSMOS inside

Febrero 6, 2016 3:45 pm

For many women, pregnancy is only the 9 months that follow the meeting of two cells a cell meets another and begin the natural, biological process of reproduction which ends with a human being in her arms.
There are women who do not have the time or space to feel, be transformed, or connect with the magic of the Divine, and arrive suddenly to the day before delivery, or even the day of delivery saying …. already?

Conscious pregnancy is knowing what it means to give everything to another human being and to abandon your entire self so that a cosmic spark can grow and develop INSIDE, in the womb, in utero. It is
knowing that the entire universe manifests inself in the union of male and female power to harness life and continue human existence.

During pregnancy there continuous avalanches of emotions. Sorrow manifests itself intensely, and fears arise from rivers of unanswered questions. The knowledge that we will continue our generational
history makes us feel burdened, perhaps more than what we belive we can tolerate. Beauty and liberation comes from being able to observe emotions and acepting them without shame. Cry when you need to cry,
write a lot, share with other women that can guide us in the process and who are often going through it as well, connect to our bodies with dance, yoga, movement, breathing, meditation and know that we are
never given more than we are able to face. Learn to COMPLETELY TRUST in ourselves, in God, in Love and in the breath that mantains two hearts beating inside the same body.

Yes, everything is normal in pregnancy and that is the answer we have to learn to accept: your hair falls out, you gain weight, get hemorrhoids, swollen feet, pain in the hips, you can even develop blurred vision… it is not easy… but knowing that everything is temporary is a fact that reassures. To me, as a lover of the body and movement, it is very amusing – I even take it as research – to see myself growing in all directions. Observing how I look like a duck when I get up from the floor and feeling how slowly I have to move in bed to change sides is something I enjoy it immensely. Imagining another being that is simply on the other side of my skin erases all physical and emotional difficulties that I might be having.It is the most surreal experience I have lived so far and one that I am infinitely grateful for: BEING A WOMAN.

Now, almost ready to give birth, I meet my ancesters in dreams and meditations. They say that the uterus is an organ that remembers up to 7 previous generations. So here I am, part of that ancestral family
tree that lives on and I have consciously decided to stop the pain and frustrations my grandmothers endured in order to recover the memory of femenine roots to enjoy life in health, liberation and creation.My grandmother tells me: “Cata, you cannot cry now because your baby will feel your sadness” to which I reply: “Grandma, the baby will know what sadness is, I cannot hide it from him.” Recognizing that we are
multi-colored beings who experience joy, sadness, doubt, boredom, joy, peace and fulfillment, makes us free and makes us live the present in full consciousness. Freedom is being able to express what we feel
without fear of repression. Living is finding our own voice and narrating our personal script from the heart.

Women who are or will be pregnant, I invite you to live your pregnancy in full awarenwss of these months of absolute creativity, and to experience in the flesh what BEING A WOMAN is.